Heater Wattage

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I would get the 100W but part of this depends on what your average room temperature is and how much you need to raise your tank above that temperature. The general rule is 3-5W per gal of water.
I would get a Visi therm 50 watt a 75 may be a little much considering once rock and sand is in the tank you will probably only have 15 gallons of water.
I run a 200 watt on my 150. Since we keep our house at 74 in the winter and the equipment heats the tank 4 degrees above room temp, I don't need much extra heat. The heater just stabilizes the tank it doesn't raise the temp. I suggest running the tank with no heater at first to see what your temp is and then adding your heater. Do all this before adding livestock of course. :)
I have two 300w on my 150, just for that added assurance in case the power went off during the winter months (I have a generator now after all these hurricanes, but it's not powerful enough for the heating in this house...just the refrigerator and the tank :D )
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