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May 8, 2015
Hello everybody,

Wall of text about me and fish keeping throughout my life.
Question right at the end, if you don't feel like reading.

my name is Jacques, I'm a 3D artist working as a graphic designer, trying to learn programing, but real life sucks.

So lets talk about fish.
I have had many tanks throughout my life, silly little guppy tanks when I was a kid, semi aquatic tanks for my red eared sliders when I was a teenager, and at one point i even got to work a aquatics pet shop for a year " oh the horror stories I could tell you about fish suppliers" Working at the shop gave me pretty decent discount so I took full advantage and started a tropical predator tank, which turned into a brackish predator tank and a weird little marine tank, that turned into a show goldfish tank, with marine lighting :cool:
shiny goldfish is shiny.

But then I when away to study and my dad gave away all of my aquarium equipment, tanks, gravel, pumps, heaters everything.

So I haven't had a tank in about 5 years now and it's way overdue that I start one up.

Idea for my new tank it's going to be 1.6m long by 65cm high, by 45 cm deep. Using 12mm glass, definitely using cross angle support, still considering weir angle panels in the back corners for extra support. "don't know, they might be to ugly"
Tank is not going to be filled to the brim, so we are looking at a total volume being roughly 400l, that's 106 US gallons.
Actually it's going to be a lot less once I've added all the rocks, mopani wood and plants.
The plan is to somewhat hill and valley scene, using upside down mopani wood as little bonsai trees attaching I forget the name of the plant as their fake leaves and whatnot. Most of the visible substrate will be grown over with short grasses and mosses.
Now the most important part of the plan, adding 3 to 4 rope fish.
Having rope fish swimming around tiny trees, will make them look amazing, I'm thinking dragons. :brows:

what is the smallest fish I can safely keep with rope fish?
I can't go with anything too big, because I want to maintain the illusion of scale the tiny trees and hills will bring. but rope fish are kind of shy and nocturnal so I do need something else in the tank just to make it look alive.
Also the fish needs to not eat plants. Is there such a fish??

Thx for all answers in advance.

Also sorry about the wall of text.
Hi, welcome to AA! Glad you found us here! I can't help you much, but I would say pretty much any fish larger than the rope fish mouth will work.


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