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Dec 24, 2014
Denver area
Hello all -

Found this forum after starting my research on cichlids and there is a lot of great info here! This is new to me and while I feel like I know 100 x more now then I did last month...I still feel like I know nothing!

For a quick backstory, somebody gave my daughter a gold fish and a bowl. Well, decided that wasn't big enough so we got a 4 gallon tank. I liked the look of the tank so I got myself a 29g for my home office and bought some cichlids from the local Pet Smart (I know, I know..).

Didn't like the goldfish in the 4g so I bought a new 10g setup. Didn't like the goldfish in the 10g or the cichlids in the 29g so I am now looking across my office floor at my new 55g and just waiting for UPS to deliver the Aqueon filter (should have been here Wednesday, darnit!) and the goldfish will have a new home in the 29g once this tank is set up and cycled.

Whew, I'm done buying tanks!

I think I may take some of the original cichlids back for "adoption" because I am afraid one or two will be too aggressive (going to post some pictures for ID help in the cichlid forum).

So that's my story and I look forward to the adventure! :)
Welcome to AA! :)

Glad you found us.
Welcome! Glad to have you. Careful you may have to eat those words ;) I sure did! Tanks are like potato chips to me! I obviously missed lunch, ha!
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