hello from ft worth

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Jul 26, 2013
Ive had a tank setup for about 4 months, about 40pounds of rock and a mix of live sand and crushed coral. Fish included clown, chromies, goby peppermint shrimp green crab and a few snails. I recently set up a hang on the back skimmer and the pump swallowed both my spotted puffers, but 1 at a time. I have a candy cane and.frog spawn in my tank at the moment. Just last week my tank sprung a leak and i had to move everyone to my ten gallon temporarily. I just received a 44 gallon and have yet to move them to it since its not set up yet, just cleaned it today finally and will be setting it up sunday. If anybodys in ft worth and.wants to help me set it up on sunday, im new to the hobby agai.(set up a 20gallon salt when i was 17) and.could use the help cause of my lack of knowledge. Message me if theres any takers, as im kinda broke and dont want to screw it up.lol
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