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Jul 6, 2014
Bensalem, PA
Ok I am a newbie at this aquarium thing. I received a 10 gallon started aquarium for my birthday. In the community are 2 Platys and 1 silver Molly. Ok here's my issue one morning I awake to see something tiny swimming really fast in water. Then I saw another and another. Its baby fishes ok now I'm dumb and new cause now I don't ow what to because the 2 fish are chasing and eat the babies. Called Petco for advice and went to buy a breeder net. Basically where I had 3 fish became 14 additions and don't know what to do. Need help plz. Oh and to top it off I don't know which one had the babies. Wowww I'm stuck lol
First off, welcome. Second, I would get a net or get another 5 or 10 gallon to use as a nursery. I would let them grow a bit before you trade or sell them. Your lfs will probably take them. Could yo u take a picture of your fry so I can see what they are?
Thanks for responding. I took a pic but I'm having trouble posting. I'm sorry to ask but how would I post the pic here? I'm trying to learn this app and new all at the same time.
So when you are typing a response on the app, you hit the button that has the camera or the pictures below the actual writing and above the keyboard.
Ok I hope the pics are clear enough.


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Wow I got 15 little Platys. Ok can you tell me if this platy is pregnant the belly looked huge to me and I want to keep my eye on her and be prepared this time. I'm sending a pic.


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I would say yes. Others chime in on this please.
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