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May 15, 2013
I have been into aquariums off and on since I was a child, I currently am into planted aquariums , I hope to gain input/ advice and criticism in a productive and positive manner. I currently run a 33 gallon planted tank , ei dosing , injected co2 , 2x double 24 watt Hagen glo t5ho weekly water changes fluval 204 power head running my co2 reactor ecocomplete substrate
2 Angels, breeding pair bristle nose, 1 lonely Amano shrimp, 8 harlequin rasbora, 15 or so guppies ( want to get rid of them) pond snails and 5 assasin snails( I think they might be breeding) and about 10 bristle nose fry an the male is sitting on another clutch)
1 large amazon sword(15 or so daughter plants and more shoots daily) bacopa monneri ,rubin sword , micro swords crypt parva , java fern , some other recent additions as well I forget the names

I also have recently started a 10 gallon dirt tank miracle grow organic choice garden soil capped with Ecocomplete Anubis nana and Anubis batari, Africian java fern , assorted crypts hygrophiala a few micro swords 5 random bristlenose eggs that got kicked out of the nest but weren't white

And a 30 gallon tank currently waiting a stand ( going to be a heavily planted with lots of amazon swords bristle nose nursery )
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