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May 10, 2023
Hi I'm Laly, pretty much a newbie to fish keeping. got a bit of interest into the hobby coz i kept seeing some youtubers popping up on my feed with some terrariums at first, then paludariums and then aquariums. when i saw those i kept thinking like. yeah, that could be fun, so here i am.

Got a 15 gallon tank, gonna try a walstad like method for a small community tank on my desk. (Got a pretty sizable desk). As for the community, I'm thinking of endlers, otocinclus, neocaridina and a couple of nerite snails. maybe also introducing a single betta after a while.

Currently the tank has been set up for a week with substrate (pond soil, sand, 2-3mm gravel) bout 12 gallons of water, monte carlo, juncus repens, tax. barbieri, egeria densa, duckweed, frogbit and a couple of sprigs of monstera that are currently rooting in the tank as ripariums. also trying for anubias nana petite bonsai (bought 1, cut it in 5 pieces, 3 parts had a rather large biofilm after 2 days, pulled them out and am growing them emersed in a small box currently, the other 2 pieces seem to be doing fine in the tank) and I've got a piece of some kind of aquatic plant that i can't identify, it snuck in with the bag that held 3 zebra nerite snails, (was just 2 leaves and a tiny bit of stem at the time, after a week it's grown to 4 leaves and two tiny roots, seems to be some kind of stem plant I reckon)
Gonna buy a couple of endlers tomorrow, from a local breeder, might also get a few more plants as well.

still not sure if i should put the fishies through quarantine...

But oh well.. so yeah that's me and my up and coming tank.
oh.. right.. why am i here on this forum? i haven't the foggiest xD came across it and figured it might be nice to find some fishkeepers to talk to xD
tnx Aiken!
Still trying to get a general feel for navigating this forum, but I'll probably post something about my aquarium journey somewhere in here
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