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Jun 2, 2014
Well, my name is Devin but I am on here as Modius since I am sure I am not the only Devin and I am just used to using my game character names. I live in Indiana.

Long story short ( too late), My mother wanted an aquarium like we had many many years ago, she hadn't had one since some friends of my 2nd oldest brother, who were drunk, decided to swallow all the fish in the tank whole. This was way back when I was in elementary school. So she has not had one in a really long time. Three years ago I got her a 29 gal tank for x-mass. (Tank details in profile.)

I had hopes of this being an easy to maintain tank for her but after she forgot to change the monthly filter for two and a half months, causing water to spill out of the AquaTech filter ( not using that kind anymore) and damage her wood floor. I took over taking care of the tank. It seemed to run and maintain well for the first year but I just can't seem to get it to maintain well anymore.

Been banging my head into the wall dealing with this tank, lost 10 or more fish over time, have no local pet stores, and do not want to make a two hour round trip to talk to someone who gets paid minimum wage to clean out cages about tank care.

So here I am. I will be making a post in a day or two officially asking for your expert help and detailing the problems I have been having. Nice to meet you all. I look forward to picking your brains.
Hi Devin! Welcome to the forum :)

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