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The Gillman

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Jan 1, 2005
Peoria Illinois USA
My wife brought home 2 Aqua Medic ocean light t 250 watt hqi w/t5 pendants w/ballasts for 300 $ apiece. these were hanging above the lfs 450 gal. hex .neither mh bulbs work and i will need to replace and he gaurantees the units.I will have to also buy hanging kits to fit over my 90 gal. these lights are 2 footers.Deal or no deal? tia
What type of guarantee? Also moving to General Hardware and equipment discussion forum.
I`ve heard some pretty mixed results on AM lights. He needs to give you about a 6 month guarantee or longer if possible.
Look at it this way, new lights similiar to what you describe are 769.99 at that fish place, you need to replace the mh bulbs and probally the t5 which may run you at least 150-200 dollars, so tthe total cost will be around 500 dollars a unit when said and done.the thing you don't know is how long did the lfs run the lights and if there were any problems with them.
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