Help setting up dirted tank

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Ahh I see I see. So it might still be acclimating or it might not like my water. I've wanted to try some crypts and anubias but they're a bit expensive here and I don't wanna waste it on experimenting whether they'll survive in my tank. I'm trying to make my pothos grow longer so I can hang the leaves near the window and have the roots stick to a driftwood I'm making. :thanks:

That’s it. Sometimes plants just don’t like the water. You can manipulate the conditions with carbon dioxide injection and more fertiliser to help most plants but there will still be winners and losers. Find 2-3 species that work and go with them.
Will do thanks. I just tore down a tub I had outside with some of the plants I'm trying to produce runners with cause of too much algae :\ oh well have to keep learning.
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