Help with heater choice!

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Aug 19, 2011
Newalla, OK
I need to purchase a new heater for my 30 gallon hex. I just recently lost all my fish to a malfunctioning heater so I am very nervous about making sure I get a good quality heater. Suggestions please? I also will be replacing my 20g tank heater as well. I'm leaning towards aqueon or ebo jäger or heat sticks. I also want to make sure I get the right wattage. Help?
Also need a high quality filter for my 30g as my old one went out and I could only get a cheap one due to urgent time issues. Thanks!
I use a Fluval E50, absolutely love it.

Precise control in 0.5 degree increments, electronic microcontroller rather than bi-metalic strip for temp control, all in a smart easy to use package. The E series gets my vote!

Hope this helps.
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