help with hurricane overflow and mag 7 on my sump please

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Oct 30, 2005
Lillington, nc
oky i just setup my sump today i have a hurricane 600 overflow rated at 600 gph and i have a mag 7 pump rated at 700 gph going upwards about 3 feet which should take it down to around 500 or so gph... this is my problem my overflow isnt taking out enough water its going through alot slower then my pump is pumping it back....... i have a ballvalve on my return pump and i have it almost completly closed slightly open to get the water matched up wiht my overflow. any ideas on whats wrong, the u tube "siphon tube" doesnt have any airbubles in it.. but yet the overflow just doesnt cut it... from the bottom of the overflow i have 2 90 degree andgles that connect it to the bulkhead on top of the sump this is the only way i could hook it up.... i know this is confusing any ideas would be great thank you very very much....
Do you have one of those sponge filters over your return pipe and if so do you rinse it off frequently? When they clog up they can slow things down a bit...

I've used a second siphon tube before but I wouldn't recommend it. Occasionally air bubbles would build up in one of them and the siphon would be lost.
can you use 2 45's instead of the 90's..... or just run a pvc flex tubing down to the sump. You will restrict some flow with the 90's you are using.

Other thing to check is the height of the stand pipe withing the overflow. Is there a stand pipe.....if so, it may be too high.

One last thing is the height of your prefilter box, if it's too high, you wont fill the prefilter fast enough to keep up with the return pump.

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