HELP with sump please

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Sep 16, 2005
Tampa, FL
sump is making ALOT of noise. its the water goin into the overflow box. its gurgling. plus its goin in sections, not a continuous flow. how do i fix it? ( i know i need baffles, just wanted to make sure i had the plumbing right) the pump seems to be a bit overrated for the overflow box, will getting a lower rated pump help?
One way to reduce noise is to put a cover on the stand pipe.
Keep the pump flow continuous, but not too high or too low.
Can you get a closer shot of your overflow box? I have 90 elbows on both of my standpipes and that reduces the noise. I can't tell from the picture that you have what exaclty is going on int you overflow box. Do you have 2 U-tubes in that box? What GPH is that pump rated for? What GHP is the overflow rated for. From the pics it looks like a 600gph overflow.
If you have seen the modified stockman or Durso overflows, you will see that they have a hole at the top that can be adjusted. This prevents a full siphon vacuum from forming and causing the flushing. Check this site out to see how they made their own Durso pipes with the air hole break that fits in most overflows.
the flushing is real annoying!! lol. thats an easy mod to do, thanks for the link.

the overflow is rated for 600 gph, and there are 2 tubes in that picture (bf did it to try to compensate for the flushing sound and so it could catch up with the pump). all thats goin into the overflow is the siphon tubing and the foam over the pvc. the pump is rated at 780 gph, i was trying to allow for the 4 ft head. i would like to see if the overflow wasnt doin that flushing if maybe it could keep up. is that possible?

i will do the mod with the pvc. does it sound like i need to get the 581 gph rated pump?? i got it from drfostersmith, so if i exchange it ill have to wait another 2 weeks, :(.
I didn't notice a ball valve in line with the return. No need to get a small pump IMO, just reducing the flow slightly could solve your gurgling issues without having to adjust your overflow.
You got it! That will work. Your overflow will probably keep up ok, but it's best not to run them at their full capacity. The reason for this is if you get a partial blockage in a u tube, you may still have enough flow capacity to keep the tank from overflowing. Even algae growth in the u tubes can restrict flow enough to cause a problem if your overflow is maxed out to start with. The Stockman mod should work for you...I don't think you'll have room for a Durso. You can choke the flow on you Quiet 1 pump without hurting it. Remember to always reduce flow on the pressure side of the pump...never on the intake.
i guess im off to lowes after work then.. yay tho, i can get this thing goin! im ordering the new skimmer tonight, and hopefully ill have a refugium setup in a month or so!! YAY

ok, i got the ball valve, and drilled some holes in the pvc to the overflow. it def alot less noisy, but still some noise. it still seems to be in sections instead of a continuous flow.

how much flow should i be feeling? to me it doesnt seem like enough, but i dont know what its supposed to be either. i was aiming at twice the volume. 600 gph......

there is alot of air bubbles too, im sure thats due to not having baffles yet, right?
try putting a 90 elbow on the standpipe I have elbows on both of my stand pipes and there is virtually no noise at all....
how long can i go without adding the baffles? i mean without hurting anything?

i ask only becuase my dad works for a glass co and he can get teh glass and cut it for me for free but he lives a couple of hours away and it will be a couple/few weeks before i can get down there, if i needed to i could pay someone to do it, but if i dont i cant see payin for it!!
I'd wait, a few small bubbles are harmless unless you have sponges.
I'm sure there is with your current configuration. Putting a 90 degree elbow on the intake of your Mag and placing the drain/return lines on opposite sides of your sump will greatly reduce the bubbles till you can get the baffles installed.


It's more anesthetically appealing to remove them but even a LOT of bubbles is really not that harmful in most cases.
ok, well if theres no harm to anything, im alright with waiting. i just wanted to make sure that it didnt hurt anything. free is better than paying!! lol.
it doesnt seem like theres alot of flow, at least not what i thought there would be. should i take the ball valve out? i think the one i got restricts too much. if i had a sandbed and pointed the flares at it, i dont even think it would blow the sand....
Even if you open the valve all the way? The proper sized ball valve shouldn't restrict flow at all if opened all the way.

Since your return is split you are pumping around 280 GPH in each return with the 4ft head which should be enough.
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