Here comes the new sps!

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Heres some more :D Forgot to tell u what coral is which. The green polyped one is the green stylo, the pink one is a posilliporus, and the plate looking one is a montipora capricornus.
Looks great teen! Make sure you keep your CA high (450) and your trace elements replenished. What type of montipora is that?
Very nice additions!!

You may want to bump up your alk a little bit. 3meq/l is ok but it's on the bottom end of being ok.
Yea, I added some buffer to raise it up. Now that they are basically even, I will have to see their consumption in a weeks period, or a few days period? WHat would you reccomend?
The coral should not be touching anything. That's a quick way to develope RTN. Move the coral so the tissue is unobstructed and plenty of water can flow all around it. As you most likely know, SPS need lots of water flow. Good luck teen, nice tank.
I glued them to rocks, but I think, but not sure, I got a little spot of glue on the green stylo. Will the glue eventually come off of it? Will it kill the stylo?
Atually, I checked with others like a friend of mine on IRC, and he's a sps professional, he has thousands of diferent kinds of acros, montis, etc... And he said that if its laying against a piece of live rock, it will grow on it and it wont develop RTN. He said just to make sure it doesnt fall into the sand, because it will die very quickly
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