hey a newby here too

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Aug 31, 2013
g'day - i have never done anything like this before but I figure a good way to learn to how to be a goo roo in the aquarium world. I posted on my own cp but am not sure if that is where i was meant to. i am new to everything but hope that will learn lots along the way about posts forums etc and also obviously fish and the aquarium world.

Fizzy :fish2:

ps here is my i think pregnant fish and have no idea what to do with her she is unhappy i reckon stuck in this guppy box that i was told to put her in.
Hey I am new to forums as well And I cant see the pic of the pregnant guppy but guppies breed very regular in aquarium environment and the breeder box should be fine what makes u think the fish is unhappy? If u want the fry then isolation from other fish is really the only way as the other fish (even other guppies) will eat the fry So stick with the box unless the fish is showing true signs of distress.

ok..... but it's not a guppy it's a swardfish in a guppy box --- i just think it looks sad is all maybe it's not i don't know fish that well. i don't know how to attach a picture from my photo files on my computer it asks for a thread via the website. not sure how to do that

have tried to attach again
Ok if the gills are not moving to rapidly and the fish is still swimming (not just led on the bottom of box) it should be ok keep a close eye on the respiration rate and its behaviour yeah a pic would help I use this program on app on iPhone and on this there is a small + icon at the top of the page when writing a reply press this and attach pic if the fish is showing signs of distress try placing it back in tank but keep a eye as if the fish dies it can cause the cycles to go toxic
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