Hey!!! I'm from Texas!!

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Sep 21, 2016
Just wanting to say hey! My name is Mikal Miner I'm from Texas and have been in the hobby since I was a young kid! Started with my mom's old 20 gallon and have gone through 8 different size tanks and even built my own 135g tank. I am now up to a 150 gallon I am slowly turning into a cichlid tank. I have an 8" 1 year old Green sunfish, 15" Pleco, and an XL angelfish. I work EMS and the hobby keeps me from going crazy. :)

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Hi, welcome to the forum :) Great set up!

70 gallon elephant nose tank.
30 gallon boraras , red longfin bristlenose, bamboo shrimp, crs,rcs and different snails.
7 gallon halfmoon betta and red ramshorn.
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