Hey! New to forum... 55g freshwater planted tank

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May 6, 2014
Toluca Lake, CA
Hey! I've had my aquarium for about 6 months.. Had no idea I was about to get into it and then got REALLY into it...! Its a lot of fun, so I thought Id join and share the process from when I first got it to where it is now

Current Fish
4 Rasboras Tetras
2 Rope Fish
2 Pearl Gouramis (1m 1f)
4 Angels (1 large 3 medium)
1 Clown Loach (had 2, have to get another one)
3 African Dwarf Frogs
4 Dwarf Gouramis (2 powder blue, 2 neon blue/flame)
1 Dalmatian Molly
2 Plecos

Some things I've learned. Don't get 2 male pearl gouramis! One gets dominant and gets aggressive, towards the other male and also gets aggressive towards dwarfs! Take the aggressive male out, put a female in, and then that male became aggressive towards dwarfs!

Rope Fish will eat neons and rasboras (shouldn't be news to anyone lol). In total of last 6 months I bought 12 neons and 6 rasboras. 4 left, I have nothing else that would have eaten them!

1 of my clowns got hole in the head =*( Not sure how I always have good water conditions! My lone clown does just fine by himself but he was much happier with a mate

All my angel fish are so peaceful with each other. Wonderful fish.

African Dwarf frogs are really fun to have! They always pop out at the most random times


I was doing DIY CO2 but stopped. Now I use A fertilizer and Seachem Flourish for Carbon. Works great for me. My anacharis is yellow and dying but I think its because I usually have my tank at 78-80. Considering lowering it to 75 as a general temp.

130W Lights total. I use airstone at night to ensure water holds sufficient oxygen levels

I feed flakes during the day, and a brine shrimp/bloodworm mix with the lights off. I feed bloodworms in the day 2-3 times a week for my angels and gouramis (well... everything seems to like them lol)

I am thinking of getting rid of my pearl gouramis and hopefully exchanging for a clown fish. I have lost my love for this type of fish =( sad.

Let me know what you all think!


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Hi, welcome to the forum :) nice set up!

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