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Jan 14, 2010
Streatham Greater London

so i'm steve and i've been keeping fish since 10yrs old. I'm 34 now. I still have the 41 gallon tank my parents bought me all those yrs ago and it's been home to my adult piranhas for 4yrs now. I've kept piranhas since the age of 13 when I came across one in a small aquatics. I bought him and was ripped off but he was beatiful and this is where i developed a fasination for this fish. I've always wanted the biggest tank i could have but living in a flat (small flat) it aint gonna happen. I'm upgrading my tank to a 88gallon next week but I'm taking my time with the setup. The 5 adult piranhas will then move into this tank and the young piranhas i bred last year will move into the 41gallon. Well, be nice talking to you all I'm sure:D
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