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Jul 11, 2009
Dawsonville, Ga
Hi Guys!

My name is Jess and I just joined this site! I'm 21 and going to college for history. One of the things I love are my fish! I've had reefs since I left home three years ago. I'm trying hard to be a good reef keeper, I read a lot and have had quite a few tanks in such a short time. Due to moving I'm down to one biocube 14 that's been cycling! Hopefully it'll be cool soon!
Welcome to the forum!! Lots of great experienced people here and great advice if you need it!

Do you have a picture of your setup? We love pictures here lol
OMG I cannot believe I'm posting this! Its such a mess. Its an old tank too so its covered with algae. It'll get better though.

Its just gross from cycling!


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Hey, no worries, everyone started with the same thing as you! My cube isnt a perfect place either. lol Now in a few months you can look back and say wow, I did a great job from where I was!

Good start though! And yeah, billy and mandy rock! i didn't even notice the avatar at first
My tanks used to be so pretty stupid moving and school. :( it'll get there again, I'm sure of it!

Thanks guys! I love Billy and Mandy too!!!
School is important, LOL, you ahve soo much time to do tanks still. It may seem like its been forever but you'll get back up to snuff in no time.
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