Horn shark Eggs for purchase?

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Feb 9, 2012
Bygone know where I can purchase a horn shark egg? All I see are young sharks but I'm really wanting an egg. any help would be greatly appreciated
Just got a 265 and am planning on setting it up as a shark tank
I usually ignore post like these when posted by someone with a low post count. However given your asking for eggs it seems you have done some research. Problem is. I think your window has closed .. you can sally find them on live aquaria to bluezoo. However horn sharks lay eggs from febuary to late march in to april. That being said females only lay 24 eggs which usually makes it a type of preorder item in january. There is a website that's something like cw aquatics.. its a really basic website just call the 1+800. Number they specialize in sharks and most likely can get or point you in the right direction.
Thank you for the help. I have kept saltwater aquariums for 10 yeas and finally decided (after much research) to take the dive into (pun intended) shark husbandry. They have always been an interest of mine and I am now at a place where I can properly dedicate myself to their care. Thanks again for the lead!!!
Horn sharks like stated above get over 3 feet long, and swim a lot do a 265 won't be sufficient. I would definitely recommend a coral catshark. They only get two feet and are very slim. They have them for sale on blue zoo and fishsupplyunderwater.com
"Here it is my intent to reveal these fishes as what they really are; poor choices for tropical settings of any kind, and organisms requiring hundreds to thousands of gallons of room, adequate circulation, aeration and filtration to be kept happy and healthy."

"Here we're referring to sharks that are collected in below room temperature water. This is one of the areas I diverge from most other shark-aquarium writers. Unless you're committed to providing a very large system with adequate cooling, please shy away from the following animals. Though often offered, cool water sharks generally fare poorly."

"Hornsharks (with two dorsal spines), aka Pig, Bullhead, Port Jackson's, family Heterodontidae. Cool to semi to sub-tropical members of the family Heterodontidae. Most often you'll find the Californian H. francisci and southern Australian H. portusjacksoni. For aquarium use look for the more tropical and gorgeous Heterodontus zebra. One genus, eight species."

"Heterodontus francisci (Girard 1855), the Horn Shark. Eastern Pacific, usually collected off California (USA) coast. To nearly four feet in length. A cool/cold water species unsuitable for tropical temperatures. "
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