Hospital Tank/quarantine Tank?

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Nov 13, 2005
I have a 60L tank as well as my 350L tank but how should I run it? If its a hospital tank do I have to clean it out after every visit by a sick fish?
Most users of hospital / QT tanks keep the set up very simple. No gravel, no decorations, easy to clean filter. Then after a quarantine or medical treatment, the tank is emptied and cleaned. To re-use or start up, take some biomedia from the established tanks filter to "instant cycle" the QT (if you use enough, it really is an instant biofilter). Or keep a sponge on the main tanks intake, and transfer the sponge over to the QT when adding fish. AFter use, clean the sponge or dispose of it, and replace back in the main tank. If using biomedia, throw it out after you are done with the QT.
Oh, and for an article on a hospital / QT / breeding tank, you can check out :

I have successfuly run a breeding tank with a $1.39 airstone driven corner filter and biomedia from the main tanks canister filter. I recently upgraded to an aquaclear mini, and have a sponge on a mian tank filter intake so it will be ready for the next use.
Hi all,

Remember, some meds that you treat your fish with will kill a biological filter and also carbon is usually a no-no. Going through the trouble of setting up a cycled hospital tank may not be worth it.

Frequent water changes are probably a better strategy for maintaining water quality. Just remember to replace the meds along with the water.

This product:

will keep you informed, but is unnecessary if you do partial changes every day.

I keep a small bag of biomax.. an extra bag, in one of the filters on my 55 gallon... this is for if i ever want to start a new tank i will already have some good media to get the cycle started. You could do the same thing for a QT tank.
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