How do you soak?

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Feb 27, 2006
Houston, TX, U.S.
I tried to buy some Garlic Extreme from my dad's friend's LFS but he told me not to waste money on buy those but to buy "real" garlics then take the juice out myself. I got about 2 teaspoon of garlic juice from a like 15 garlics... It was alot of work just to get a lil of juice. Anyway, I don't know the procedure of how to soak fish food in garlic. Can I soak flakes too or can i only soak live foods? This is what i did:

I missed some enriched, frozen brine shrimps with some phytoplankton in a cup with 2 teaspoons of garlic juice. I let the cup sit there for about 2 hours then i spilled the solution in the cup to another cup with a brineshrimp net cover on top to get the food out. I kept the juice for next times :roll: Once the food seem to dry alil, i put it into the tank. The fishes didn't like it much. The first few bites, they spit it right back. Is this normal b/c this is the first time they try garlic? They started eating slowly afterward. The food makes the water abit cloudier than it usually does without garlic. My skimmer pulled out a good amount of skimmate 1 hour after the treat.

So, am i doing it right? If not, how do u soak foods? What else should i do to make it into optimal feeding? I currently have Tetra marine flake, microplankton, enriched/frozen brineshrimps (i hate this stuff, some of it is too big for my clowns. Shouldn't have bought it!)

Thanks alot guys
I just picked up some Zoe. Its a vitamin to use with your garlic. I use the Garlic Extreme type stuff. Hopefully, the real garlic is good for you. I just soak the food for a few hours and squeeze/press the excess fluid out.
Garlic Xtreme is a garlic extract. You are not supposed to use more than 2 DROPS per feeding. You have overdone the garlic. A little goes a long way and generally produces a feeding frenzy in the livestock.

When I feed flake I also add some Zoe or Selcom to it and then add 2 drops of Garlic Xtreme. I let it soak for a few minutes (20-30) and then feed.
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