how does this happen? buffer problem?

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Jan 16, 2006
Ashland KY
As I mentioned in my other post, I wastyhinking ofmoving some fish to another tank, so to begin the procedure I checked the PH of both tanks, my 29 is a very stable 7.2 but my 10 gallon is a 6.0, they both get water from the same source, so why would it be diffrent? is it a buffering problem or a waste problem since the fish are way to big for this tank?
It is hard to tell IMO. There are so many reasons why pH fluctuates especially when comparing two different tanks. Although both get their water from the same source, it is most likely a combination of reasons why the drastic change between tanks.

One tank may be stocked heavier, different temperature, different use of chemicals, filter media, different amounts of aeration, photosynthesis from any plants, and so many more reasons. Maybe change some of the setup, or some minerals.

Some people belive that pH is not that important. IMO, it usually is not that critical, however sending the fish into shock is. I wouldn't stress about it to much but try get the two tanks as close as possible before moving fish.

From what I know, you shouldn't raise pH more than .2 per day whether natural, or chemical methods.

Please keep in mind this is all IMO so hopefully someone else will chime in, lot of knowledge on here!
What sort of test kit are you using to get these firgures? You should keep in mind that if you are using test strips, they are very liable to be innaccurate.

Also, if your 10 gallon is overloaded, that could lower the pH. Decomposing waste produces carbonic acid, which acidifies the water. If you get a little lax about vacuuming up waste, the pH can drop.

What's all the info on both of your tanks? Tell the temperature, filters/media, substrate, plants, and chemicals used on both and maybe I can help you out a little better.
Do several large water changes. Usually this happens when the tank crashes. How often are you doing water changes and what percentage?
sorry but I refuse to even look at test strips LOL I wouldn't use them to test the water in my toilet lol I use aquarium Pharmaceuticals test kits, I do 25 % water changes every week, I'd say the problem is the waste, considering this tank is a drop off tank someone ditched on me and itsa way to overstocked, I've been trying to get rid of the fish but I haven't had any luck
Then you answered your own question. Increase the water changes because the current schedule is not adequate.
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