how long till mollys drop HELP!!!

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Well right now I have a breeding tank with a net in containing about 40 guppy fry then I have another net containing one black molly and then I have a black Lyretail molly swimming around in the free space
Both Molly's should drop this week
But how long until I can release my balloon into my breeding tank
If the tank is moderately to heavily planted, there should be no problem since they can hide in there and feed off the plants, java moss are a great source of food for fry and especially hiding in it entangling roots!
Could u give me a time on when to put her in the breeding tank
They don't really look preggo. Although they might just be in the first week. I would give them around 2-3 weeks :)
Hey guys I need ur help in one of my main tanks on the drift wood is like a yellowish white miss growing that looks like its killing the fish and the plant it kinda looks like off milk what is it
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