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Feb 8, 2008
Hey everyone, im getting ready to set up a 110g tanks with a Refuigum in the stand. But I was wondering, what kind of return pump do i need for this? how powerful and how much water to i need to be moving. I heard that in a refuigum you want very slow moving water, so does this mean I can get away with a less powerful pump? any help would be great. Thx guys

I think I had a old Rio pump (a VERY crappy pump) that pump water INTO my refuge from my sump. My refuge was higher than my sump so that the water simply spilled out of the refuge back into the sump. This is the ideal way to do it so that you don't have to have a pump inside your refuge. Impellers aren't good for the critters and such that will be calling your fuge home.

How are you planning on getting water to your refuge?

You are correct in that you don't need much water flow at all. Cheap pumps work great for this. You can always through in a couple of snails to deal with the algae that might grow in the fuge due to low water movement...
I have a 125 and I have two overflows and have a mag12 and a mag 9.5 sending water back up. The water flows down into the refuge and into the bio balls and then into the return area. I`m moving this to the General Hardware and equipment discussion. You`ll get some good answers there.
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