How to frag?

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May 6, 2013
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So I recently discovered that on 2 of my new frag pieces, two have extra coral. One has a type of Zoa an the other has a few daisy polyps I believe. I would like to get these on their own plug in order to cultivate them in to show pieces. Thing is, I've only ever fragged GSP.

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That is very true. This frag is harder then normal cause one is growing on my new hammer's base. The other is Zoas that are growing on a chunk of rock with my pulsing xenas. Those should be the easier one though
Well it's kinda attach to the skeleton at different points so I was afraid to damage the hammer
Not on the head, just the stalk. Would post a pic but I've sadly reached my limit an not really sure how to use photobucket on the mobile app
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