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May 10, 2011
Hello. My name is Rick, and I am 14. I have a 55 gallon aquarium, 37 gallon FOWLR that I am going to be setting up today, 10 gallon with a betta (Bob), and snail (Jeff), 5 gallon with a dwarf puffer, and a 2.5 gallon I have with 3 guppies named Gus, Nancy and Donna who I am going to breed. I am homeschooled, and live in the country. I buy all my aquariums, and the stuff for them, except on the 37 gallon, as it is going to be downstairs, so my parents are helping me out on it, since they will be able to enjoy it. All the rest of the aquariums are in my room. Since I live in the country, I can't have a normal kid job mowing lawns, and shoveling snow, but I sell horse manure to people for their gardens, and that is how I get the money for my tanks :) I play banjo, and have been playing since 2009, and I love it. Well, that is pretty much my life :D
Welcome to the forums Rick! Lots of great people here and lots of great knowledge!

We love pictures by the way! hint
Yes, welcome aboard. :welcome:

If you have a question - we probably have a forum for it. :D

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