Hungry Hungry Guppies

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Aug 4, 2021
Got my first four male guppies for my community tank a few days ago. I've just fed them probably more than they needed, but they're still acting hungry (skimming top of tank for scraps and even going down and working on the catfish pellets). Any ideas why they are doing this and how can I keep them from overeating because of the catfish pellets? Also, any techniques to feed them more often without having the rasboras get at it and overeat?

- Edit: They are seriously going out of there way to get to the catfish pellets. I'm worried they're going to end up killing themselves. Why are they like this!?
Guppies almost always seem hungry. They are livebearers and so their objective is to be born, grow fast and make babies as soon as possible. So they want tons of food.

Their nature is to eat what is available, which is catfish pellets if they already ate their food. :)

You might consider making a ledge which catfish pellets can go underneath and less easy for the Guppies. Though they can skinny into lots of places.
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