I think my Goldfish is going blind, will not eat

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Nov 12, 2017

I've had my goldfish, Tiny, for 3 years now. She lives in a filtered tank with Albi, my plecko. Usually Tiny is quite active and will go gobble up the floating pellets as soon as I put them in the tank but recently I've been noticing that her food pellets are all uneaten. She doesn't swim up to catch them like she used to(seriously, she would eat them within a minute of being fed before and now they're being left untouched even after several hours).

I've been observing her and it almost seems as though she can't see the pellets anymore. She swims back and forth but doesn't go up to the surface and seems to bump into the tank filter and the aquarium walls, it's almost like she can't see. I even put my hand in the tank in front of her and she didn't swim away or appear to notice it existed (usually she is very hard to catch and is very fidgety/frightened but no reaction this time until I brushed my hand against her side).Her eyes don't seem to have changed from the looks of it (no bulge, no bump or scar, no film over the eye) so I'm not sure what could have caused this.

I asked friends and one suggested she might have swim bladder (to explain the bumping into things) so I tried the pea option but again, she doesn't even know the peas exist, I dropped them in as close to her as I could but because they didn't brush against her she didn't react to them at all.

I'm not sure how to feed her and keep her alive right now...I switched to a flake food instead of the pellets (since she doesn't go to the top or bottom of the aquarium and stays in the middle) in the hopes that she would just filter feed them in her water, but I don't want her to starve.

Any advice?
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