I want something to make my 50 gall reef tank pop right now

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Ok will do and to the other post what are you talking about
Iv been thinking wont my tank over flow If the power goes out
I have a hang on the back over flow box
How can I change this and am I wrong
Robbiesamp said:
Iv been thinking wont my tank over flow If the power goes out
I have a hang on the back over flow box
How can I change this and am I wrong

my duel overflow box starts up after the power goes out but iv heard ppl say some will not
Ok, so here are the two dangerous moments of a power outage when dealing with HOB overflows.
First, when the power shuts off, the line from the pump to the display tank can reverse siphon and actually overflow the sump. Solution: Drill a small hole in the return line at where you want the water to stop draining if the pump shuts off. This will allow air into the line and break the siphon in the event of a power outtage.
Second, when power comes back on, if the siphon has been broken in the overflow box, the pump will simply fill the DT up until it overflows, and then burn itself out. This is where design and craftsmanship comes in. Is your HOB OVerflow box home made or purchased? I have an Eshopps and I've already tested it numerous times. Starts back up like a champ.

Third possibility. If the flow through the oveflow's U-Tube is not fast enough, air bubbles may build up in the bend and eventually break siphon, leading to the same result as the above paragraph. So periodically check your U-Tube to ensure there is no air collecting. If there is, it may need to be cleaned, or check for snails and whatnot slowing the water down.
Attaching an air line to the top of the overflow and connecting that to the suction side of a power head or aqualifter will ensure that if the siphon was broken it will restart. Here is a video of the home made HOB Overflow I built. Has been working flawlessly for months. Just make sure that the top is painted black to keep light out. If light gets in, algae will grow and block the flow causing an overflow in the tank.

Would it just be better to install an over flow

If you mean drill the tank and make it reef ready than absolutely. But, if your tank is not drilled and already set up this is a good way to incorporate a sump. When I first started I had a canister filter because my tank was not drilled. I soon learned that I would be better off with a sump so I built the HOB overflow to accomplish this.
Wouldent it just be better and look better to do the drilling and everything
New coral I like it hop it spreads fast


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Well, not sure exactly what you mean. There are powerheads with built in oscillators (the powerhead nozzle moves back and forth), there are water pressure powered devices that take one outlet and split it into two, then alternate which outlet gets flow, and there are electronic devices that turn pumps on and off at specified intervals.
Cheapest is probably the first (I have one from petco that cost me about $30). Second is really only viable if you have a sump plumbed so you actually have a strong return line.
The electronic device gives you the most freedom and flexibility, since it can control multiple pumps and you can set intervals.
But, it all comes down to preference and budget. Many people get along fine without any wave maker device.
Yea I want one that's the last thing you said but do the others work good
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