Impeller issue?

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Dec 10, 2003
I currently have an Emperor 400 (the bigger one) that seems to be making way too much noise. The flow adjustment knob rattles and shakes and a lot of sounds seems to be coming from the impeller or something. Any help or suggestions would be very appreciated.
Well I checked it out and I believe one of the plastic pieces that holds the impeller is broken which doesnt keep the impeller in place. I think the impelle is worn down too. I think instead of going through all the trouble of fixing it I'll just get a new filter. I was looking into getting a new one anyways..... :?
I replaced the impeller in an Emp 400 that had been running for about 4 years not long ago. I don't remember what the new impeller cost me, but the filter is running like new now...very quiet and lots of flow.
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