Is my guppy pregnant??? Acting strange

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Mar 27, 2011
Can anyone tell me if my guppy is preg and if maybe she is soon to deliver? She keeps hanging out in the corner of the aquarium and is not interested in eating. She doesn't seem that large to me, but I don't know much about this. YouTube - Guppy LunaNina...pregnant?
hey mate ive got the exact same guppie and mine is fat and gavid spot is huge so yes im sure they r preggers
Thanks! :) I'm glad to hear she is preggers. Any ideas why she is just hanging out at the top of the tank, in the corner? She doesn't appear to be struggling or anything like that...just like hiding at the very top underneath where the filter empties new water. Hope she's not sick.
Yes! That's good! Put her in a breeding trap now, she's in labor or close to it. That's exactly how mine was. Congrats :D
OK, I got her in the breeding trap...I sooo hope you're right!!!

Thanks for the input :eek:)
Also, Guppys store sperm so even after she's popped this batch out, you'll have another two or three in a few weeks.
Well, pregnant or not, whatever was ailing her was not labor. She never had any babies and seemed to feel better, but finally died last night. Farewell LunaNina :eek:(
OK, I'm really new to this...what is dropsy and pineconing?
ya, i'm sorry too. i think maybe she had a complication with having her babies because she had all the signs of labor, but died instead. anyway, your description sounds just like my situation. these are also my 4 yr old's fish, yet i seem to be the one really getting into the hobby. we've gone from a 10 gallon, to a 20, now both, and i would love to have a really nice big tank sometime in the future. maybe when i get more experience ;o)
Dropsy is when their abdomen swells so large that they die. It's air or constipation. Pineconing is when the scales of the fish are so distorted due to the dropsy that they spike out like a pinecone.
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