Is my hammer frag dead?

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Sep 1, 2016
I got this very healthy and vibrant hammer coral from my lfs the other day and when it was acclimated it ended up being lights out and when I put it in its tentacles were out a decent amount I woke up the next morning and it looked very retracted and much like this picture it's been a couple more days since then and I haven't seen it come out at all, the other frags I got that night are thriving my parameters are all fine I'm not sure what happened, I just saw this turned over and picked it up do you guys think it's dead?


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Yes, that is an empty skeleton. There is no flesh there. When this happens quickly, it is sometimes called a polyp bailout. The place where it is placed is stressful and not pleasing to the coral and the head ejects all the tissue. Most likely a way to help preserve a larger colony in the wild I'd assume.
Is it possible to have it come back in the aquarium then ?
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