Is my hydrometer messed up?

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Apr 16, 2011
United Kingdom
I just finished a batch of saltwater ready for future water changes, it measured 1.028 SG on 15 litres, so I added 2 litres of freshwater.

When I checked the SG later on, it was at 1.020, surely I didn't dilute the salt by that much?

So, I decided to check my tank levels, my last measurement was taken 3 days after the salt was added to a new tank, left at 25c and constantly circulated, it read 1.024, I check today and it's saying 1.020?

My hydrometer is the glass type, that float's in the water, it has a thermometer type thing in the base of it, I assume this adjust the hydrometer to temperature as well.

I think my hydrometer is just messed up.
hydrometers are inaccurate most times i would get an refractometer for instance my hydrometer said my water was 1.030 my refractometer said it was 1.025
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