Does my betta tank need salt?

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Apr 24, 2022
Hello everyone,
So I was at a new fish store today buying a tank as I'm planning to get a betta fish. I told the lady this and at the end as I went to pay she said, "You know about all the chemicals and salt yeah?"
I wasn't too sure what she meant so I replied, "salt?" with probably a very confused expression on my face.
She then went on to explain that the tank must have 1 TBSP per 10 gallons of aquarium salt added when I change the water and basically just added a packet of salt to my items without really asking me if I even wanted it.
I've heard of people adding salts as medication and even some people choosing to add salt as a preventative measure. But I've never heard people say that its necessary for freshwater fish. I thought people even recommend against adding salt.
I'm doubting myself now. Freshwater fish don't need salts right? I've had another fresh water tank for over a month with no salts and seems to be going okay. Is it a betta thing? Or was she misinformed? Or have I just somehow missed this in my research. :fish2:
Thanks in advance!
I have only been doing this myself for year and a half - 2 years, but I would say you were right. I've only heard it used before with certain sickness for fish. I've had 2 Betta tanks for the time I've been in hobby and never used or heard of needing to use aquarium salt on a normal basis in a Betta tank. I have learned (at least in my area) don't trust what the employees at the pet stores tell you. Specifically the big box pet stores.
She is just trying to sell you aquarium salt. Everything you have said about salt in FW aquariums is correct.
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