Is there any Canadians out there?

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Edmonton Eskimo

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Aug 14, 2004
I'm just wondering if any of you are canadian. Most of the posts I have read are from the usa. I just want to know where all my canadian brothers get there stuff from
yup i'm from winnipeg...go bombers. just started my tank this month and so far have gotten my stuff from the lfs here in the peg.
You can join the Canadian Regional Forum >>here<<. Although personally I wouldn't call a country our size a "region" :wink:

Go HABS Go !!!
Go Montréal canadiens !!


Just kidding... We suck :cry: , I know. :oops:

Online store I order from No shipping cost if order is more than $ 35.01 and if you find a better price for an item on an other online store (canadians sites only) they will give you that price minus 5 %. I got my stuff at my door within 24 h.
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