Is this a good deal?

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Mar 28, 2009
I found this light at my LFS for 75 bucks used. It still works and it doesn't look like it's terribly old. The only problem is it has 4 daylight bulbs. I was thinking it would still be cheaper to buy 2 actinic bulbs than buy a brand new fixture for 250 bucks or more. (This is for a FOWLR 75G, I calculated about 3W per gallon. I know thats "obsolete" now but just thought I should include that. It should produce 260W total.)

Coralife Freshwater Aqualight- 48

Also, would this be powerful enough for an anemone? I've been told yes and no.. I can't decide who to believe :confused:. Also, I'm gonna ask about an ATO unit I found in the "used" corner. If its like 15 bucks or so, I'll buy it.
if thats what you are looking for its not too bad. though personally i think its best to get fixture where each bulb has its own reflectors.
I had a chance to get a used light but the cost of the bulbs kept me from getting it for about $40 I got a new light that I knew wouldn't have to have a starter or ballast replaced anytime soon (at least it shouldn't).
Hm.. well, it seemed like a pretty good deal. Is there any way to "mod" the fixture, like just use the bulbs and ballast and "guts" to make a new fixture? Will individual reflectors make a big diffrence?
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