is this fish okay to add to my 20 gallon tank?

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Jan 5, 2022
i am NOT on my computer so no photos.

i have a 20 gallon tall freshwater tank. i have lots of Java fern and the tank has been running since Sep 15.

i have one “medium” sized molly and then a 3 month old molly with very small parents. im thinking of getting 2 more mollys. (probably the tiny golddust kind) unless small means fin nipping.

could i add a betta into this tank? would a Plakat betta still get Finn nipped? and is 4 mollies over stocked with that? ty!
Mollys and bettas are normally considered good tank mates. But, every fish and every tank is different and it will depend on the temperament of the individual fish. Only way to see is to try it. Mixing any fish with a betta is a risk.

A 20 gallon tank gives the fish enough space to not overcrowd each other and wouldnt be overstocked with the numbers of fish you are planning.

If you plan on adding more mollys you might want to consider making sure they are all the same sex. They will breed and your tank can quickly become over run with mollys.
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