is this to much

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Mar 10, 2005
would this be a good amount of fish in a 75. Blue tang, two percs, hawkfish, and coral beauty. i know the tang is gonna get big but it will take some time to get big. and i thought of just tradeing it in for a smaller one when that time came. let me know if this sounds good
That seems reasonable. Some pointers...wait for the tank to be up and running for at least six months before getting the tang or the angel. Start with the percs then work your way to the other fish. Make sure you have plenty of veggie foods and foods specific for angels. Angel food will have sponge in the ingredients. Good to have pieces of live rock for the fish to graze on too....even if it's not a reef. A hospital/QT about 10 gallons with an air pump driven sponge filter, heater, thermometer and a hide out for the fish is recommended. The fish should go in here for one to two weeks before being introduced into the main system.

Good luck :)
pluk1992 said:
i thought of just trading it in for a smaller one when that time came.
Sounds good but I don’t think I could part with a fish that I’ve had for so many years personally. Kind of like getting rid of your teenager because they mouthed off and replacing with a 4 year old 8O
yeah but i wouldnt want it be be un happy. and it would keep things interesting
I thought you were going to make that a predator tank.
Well tecwzrd, I was BUT...I am thinking about building a new house. My parents have 15 acres of land close to them they are trying to sell me. I went and walked it this weekend. It has a great place for a 3-5 acre pond. I have a slight case of the new home fever. I will not be setting it up anytime soon if I do not build. Until I do decide to build or not it will just set in storage. Also I wanted my predator tank to be larger (around 1500 gal) If I do build, the 525 will be for sale. :) If I build a new house there will be bigger and better tanks to come. (y) binaryterror: PM me a offer. I am in a selling mood.
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