Jewels, again & again & again & again

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Feb 11, 2006
Calgary, AB
One of our LFS was closing, and she gave me a great deal on a 10gal tank with 4 jewels, came with gravel & filter. So I couldn't say no! I gave a couple of the jewels to a friend and brought the others home and set up the tank, 5 days later I woke up to find eggs all over the rock that was in there, a couple days later, they were gone! then a couple days later there were tiny babies swimming all over the tank! It was pretty kewl, so I left it alone, couple weeks later, same thing all over again, so fished out the first swimmers to another newly bought 10 gal tank and left them alone with the new eggs.

OMG on the 4th batch now! This is happening every 2 - 3 weeks, will they ever stop? I currently have about 400 tiny fry swimming around and don't have the room for them to grow and can't afford to keep buying tanks. Should I get 1 big tank? They are currently taking up 3 10 gallon tanks and cycling doesn't seem to be affecting them, don't think I've lost a single fry!


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The cruel and heartless way to deal with this is to put a small canivore in the tank, who will find the fry tasty.

Otherwise you could
A) See if leaving the existing fry in curbs the parent's desire to produce more.
B) Keep growing them out and trade them in to a LFS.
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