June and July Bargain Thread - Tell Us What You've Found

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I havent found a great bargin but i did find a LFS that doesnt sicken me (it's 45 minutes away though, but what can you do)
[quote="From www.wctropicalmarine.com]The Customer Service and Order office will remain closed until Wednesday, June 30 at Noon. Once we open Wednesday at Noon, everything in the site will be 15% off through the July 4th weekend. We'll also pick up the sales tax for the California residents through July 4th.[/quote]
I'm with RR. I just picked up 1lb of Mrs. Wages pickling lime from Publix for just over a buck.
Oceanic 200g buckets, $30.

Although not really a special, this is the LFS's regular price :D

I havn't been to this LFS yet (I'm going tomorrow), but they sound really good. They have mostly tank raised fish, and keep those fish separate from the normal caught fish. They also QT the tank raised fish for 4 weeks to make sure they are free of disease before they sell them.
I went to a moving sale on the weekend and the people were desperate to sell their aquarium, heres what I got: I picked up a 55 gallon w/stand, one maxijet 1200 powerhead, aquaclear 300 or 400 filter I think, 300W marineland heater and 200W heater and a large air pump all for $100.
My biggest expense now is my lighting, I'm going to get 4- 96W power compacts.
6th Avenue Aquarium in SAN FRANCISCO

Hello all,
I go to the 6th Avenue Aquarium in San Francisco, CA too. I love this place, they have great deals and the owner is very knoweledgable about the fish. They have some great deals besides the 50% off Saltwater Sales on Sundays:
-Damsels $1.99
-Cured Live Rock $4.99 or $3.99 for 10lbs+
-Nemo Clownfish $5.99
-Tomato Clowns $8.99

and the for freshwater check this out - 20 Tiger Barbs (small) for $5 or 20 Neon Tetras for $5!!!
I got from a Moving sale:

300 Gal Acrylic dual overflows/Durso Pipes with Custom Stand and Hood, hood need a little work, but not too bad.
Demensions 96"x24"x31" (I think)
700LBS Live Aragonite Sand (6-8 inches)
Roughly 300-500 LBS Live Rock (not sure)
440 watts VHO (needs new bulbs)
Iwaki MD70 Pump with return spray bars
40 Gal Wet/Dry - Sump
Downdraft Skimmer with a MAG pump, can't remember the size. This skimmer/Pump has never been used.
UV filter (also prob needs new bulb)
2 heaters, one titanium, one glass
2 Maxijet 1200 PH's
Misc test kits, etc.

Please explain how you use the lime......I'm always leary of non-pet store products.....big chicken I guess.
Don't know if this would be a great deal in the coastal regions but I thought it was pretty good for Kansas. 1 leather toadstool, 1 favites & 3 striped mushrooms for $60. Also a friend gave me some of his zoo's that were taking over his tank.
50lbs of florida live rock for $10
2 400watt mhs with ballast, and reflector for $150
20gal refugium w/remora pro skimmer for $50
Nano Cube Aquarium for $30 and comes with the lighting upgrade!!! :)
120gal surfline tank with wet/dry filter, and refugium w/remora pro, and all the supplies for $300
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