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Oct 25, 2012
Ive been prowling online for a while for info about fishless cycling a new-to-me 55 gallon tank and figured it was about time I actually joined a forum for info and questions. I have a 10 gallon I added fish to when it was only set up for a few days and I spent a good year trying to actually get a good routine down with it. I only have 2 fish that have survived my learning experiences, 2 albino corys. Im excited to get them in a big healthy aquarium with a bigger school then what they have so they can be happy, they survived an extremely severe case of rin rot where they lots all whiskers and fins and tails. They are almost completely grown back and they have 2 corys that have been added and Ive never seen them happier. (y) Im trying to plan the other inhabitants of the 55 gallon and am having a hard time so Im hoping to get some help with picking some awesome fish.
:welcome: to AA! There are many knowledgeable people here that can help you out. When its time ask away in the freshwater section to get that help. ;)
Welcome to AA glad you finally decided to finally join :)
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