lamprologus stappersi ( pearly Ocelletus )

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Aug 13, 2007
some pics of my little shell dwellers besides my brevis they have to be the spunkiest fish i ever had


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They are beautiful fish! I want to keep some one day, but their spunk is what keeps me from getting them sooner. :D

What kind of sand is that? It's gorgeous.
These are very cool fish I also wants some someday just have to wait for a larger house so I can have more tanks
the sand is from my local river bed went fishing , and saw it there so i got some buckets and filled them up . the little fish are sure full of spunk always digging and moving there shells around .They also get along quite well. I never see any fights among them and i also have a couple of fan shrimp in with them.:hat:
i have 4 of them in a teng tank , but i will be moving them into a 20 soon
Very nice substrate. I might have to make a trip to the river.
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