lighting for 20 gal. high planted tank

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May 17, 2009
I am trying to find adequate lighting for a planted 20 gal. high tank. The width of the tank is 20 inches. Does anyone know of a light which will fit the width of this tank. It is basically the width of a 10 gal tank. I need at least 2 fl. bulbs or some kind of compact that will fit nicely on top of tank.
Well,... I'm running a new 20gh fully planted tank myself and my plants are off to the races. Are you sure you are only 20" in width? Mine is 24" exactly 2ft. wide. A 24" light fits right on it and I'm using the 24" 65w current satellite. In a 20g tank that is probably even a little more than it would need. Don't think you need major lighting on it. even 30 - 40 watts will grow your plants as long as you figure out the amount of time to leave them on. Too long could create algae whereas too little may not be enough. Try about 10 hours a day with a 30 - 40 watt and see how it goes. Maybe a little less if you go for high power lights. Welcome to AA!
planted 20 gal high

Thanks for your response. I will remeasure the tank, but I think it was home made.
No prob,... if it is just at 20" you might need to find a custom light for it or you could try to hang a 24" above it a bit. This forum is the best I've found so look around and you will find lots of answers for custom hardware all over. Good luck!
36 or 55 watt Bright Kits

The 36W CF is 17.5" ... it is a kit, so you will have to custom build a canopy to house it.

Alternative: use a glass top, <you will prob have to buy a 24" & have a glass shop cut it down> and hang a 24" fixture above. It shouldn't look too bad just sticking out an inch on each side.
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