Lighting my 120

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Mar 13, 2007
Rotterdam NY
Another area that has puzzled me with my new 120 is lighting.

I know basically what I want and how much I can spend, what is the easiest way to get there.

My tank is 48" long so i wouldnt mind either using 2 pendants or one full 48" for the top. Either way.

I want to have 2 -250w MH for light and then 2 95w VHO Super Actinics for other lighting.

How can i get there? The whole fixture/ballast/light/reflector thing slightly confuses me. Any ideas?

You need to do some basic research. Take a look at this fixture which has 716 watts; 2-250 watt MH, 4-54 watt T5 and 9 blue & 9 white lunar.
Look at other manufacturers to see what they offer.

Can you explain your confusion so we know how to respond?
Well first ive done my basic research. Thats why I know what I want for my tank, i just dont know the best way to go about it.
First off that fixture is way to expensive but thanks

Basically, I want to achieve the set up of:
Have at least 2 - 250w MH and 2 - 95w Actinics

What ive looked into is using 2 Lumenarc Mini Reflectors, then inside that Id like to use a Coralvue Electronic Ballast (id need one for each right?) for the 2 - 250w MH with Reeflux 12k bulbs
Does that set up make sense and is that all i would need with that? OR is there a cheaper way to do that.

Then for the 2 -95w I take 2 Icecap ballast kits and then 2 VHO Super Actinics and put them in there.
Does that set up make sense?

Is there anything else i need, and where are the best places to get them.

Thanks, sorry for the confusion.
You will find an Odess.. fixture on ebay that is pretty close to what you are looking for for 350$ (I think) + shipping, but you can expect to replace the MH ballast with a better one since it's a low wattage (Output is 160w, light looks green, replace ballasts, 2 x 15K 250w MH (Bulbs included) light looks great).. so you would be looking at about 450$ or so (4x65w PC actinics bulbs included) You've already searched out a good ballast..
That should all work fine. Nice choice for the reflectors. You can get a ballast that runs 2 MH's and same with the VHO's. I bought my VHO ballast that runs 2 6' VHO's for $55 at my local electric supply store.
If you can't get the VHO bulbs from your lfs, shipping makes them pretty expensive. I know I tried 2 lfs's to get my bulbs and neither could get them for me, but there is a not so lfs an hour away that stocks them so the drive was cheap for me than shipping.
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