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Dec 21, 2011
Found this guy at a local pet store :) I was so amazed.


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I have been looking everywhere for one of these guys! It's a Fu Manchu lion. They are pretty awesome!
i was going to buy one but i read they are one of the harder ones to keep alive.i bought a fuzzy dwarf wed and cant get it to eat so im sure this one will die also
I hear they are hard to keep, simply because they are all wild captures and not tank bred, so they only eat live food. I'm trying to find a Fu Manchu that someone has already taught to eat frozen (I dream big lol). Are you trying with live or frozen? Also, I have heard of LFS feeding their lions goldfish, which is not good for them. Check with who you got the fish from and see if they have any tricks, or what/how they fed him.
i tried,they sold me guppies and he didnt bother with them.i have a dart fish and he dont bother him either.they sold me silver side frozen and i am trying to get him to eat that.i wanted a fu manchu but i read they are one of the hardest to feed
Man what a picky fish! We douse our food with garlic from time to time to get some of our picker eaters to eat. Maybe try that? It helps with ich too. I googled it, and can't seem to find much.
i'll try soaking a silverside with garlic and see if that works,cant hurt
I'll keep looking online too. If you have any luck, let me know! It may help with my future (more than likely will be picky) Fu Manchu also LOL!
the fu manchu is awesome.u never know u might not have a problem.all fish are different just like people.good luck
Macu is still there 89.99. And another rare lion fish. Didnt get the name of the bright red one. But I thalt about getting it :)


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Did you say 89.99 for the Fu Manchu??? They had one briefly at my LFS for under 40!
There's a lot of info out there about getting lionfish to take frozen food. Here's a good article at lionfish lair. - Lionfish Care Guide
And a second page on feeding techniques and tools, difficult to find so I'll just link that, too. - Library
I want a Fu Manchu for my 45 gallon, so I'd be interested in your experience.
every body was right about once you feed them they get tamed fast.soon as he sees me he knows its feeding time.the fish wouldnt come off the stick and he wouldnt let was funny,so i twisted the stick and he ate it pet store has a fu manchu i am getting one at the end of the between the two of us maybe we will have some luck hoping the fu manchu will see the other one eat and catch on.
Anyone here have pics of their lions to post? Or a video of feeding them? I had a thought for feeding. I won't be getting my Fu Manchu until after my sump/refugium is set up, and I am giving thought to attempting to breed either feeder shrimp (liveaquaria) or mollies that had been acclimated to saltwater, for a constant supply of live food. Anyone done this? Anyone done it in the fuge?
fu manchu

i went to order one today and the supplier was out of them.they go fast,so i'll try to order one next week.
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