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Dec 29, 2003
Sydney Australia
what is the minimum tank size for a lionfish. i have one on hold in the shop about 2 1/2 inches.i am currently doing well with my 65 gallon community tank and want to start a tough fish tank too.
Yeah, it depends what type of lion your getting. Like darb2 said. 55 would work for a dwarf fuzzy, fu manchu or zebra, but you'll need at least 75 for a volitans, russells, antennata or radiata lion. They grow pretty fast to if that helps in your tank decision.
I have a fuzzy dwarf lionfish in my 60 gal. and he seems VERY happy. Swims around more than most lions i've seen. Fat little bugger too, he's a big pig. THey work great with triggers and puffers. I have both and no problems at all. The only thing is with me porcy puffer is he tries to lay on top of the lion. HEHEHE dumb fish
its somewhere around 35 gallons per lion. (i guess that means 35 gallons, with no other tankmates, so if there are more tankmates the tank must be bigger?)
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