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Apr 23, 2004
San Jose, CA umm rocks. i just got my live rock today and it looks really nice. much nicer than anything that i've seen at the 6-7 lfs that i've been to. there were about 10 brittle stars that made it with the rock. the largest being about 7-8" across. they were injured a little bit so i put them in my refuge to let them recover. (is this a good idea?) i also got some awesome calcerous and non-calcerous macro with the rock.

the rock is really much nicer than i expected so it was definitely worth it. one thing that i'm wondering about ... i have an established 100g ... this is the first live rock that's going in in a while. i currently have had the rock sitting in a tub with about 8g of tank water. the levels are:
nitrite between: 0.25
nitrate: 20
ammonia: between 1.0 and 2.0
i'm going to do a water change soon. how soon should i add the stuff to my tank? the people say to add it right away ... i'm thinking about keeping it out for a day or two to see if the levels get any better and to monitor for any evil things in the rock. i know that with all the rock in my tank and an established filter the levels should go back to normal faster but i'm still a little worried.

and is there anything that i should clean off the rock? i don't see anything that's visibly dead or dying and the rock doesn't smell that bad ... its pretty close to what my tank rock smells like.

only bad thing about all this is DHL. the box arrived leaking like crazy. if it had any further to go it would have disintegrated.
How much rock did you get? If you got 40 lbs or less I would rinse it in sw and put it right in the tank. It might cause a very small spike but with an established tank you probally won't notice at all.
I added 100 lbs the day it arrived and did one 50 gal water change 2 days later, since then my levels have been as good or better than ever.

Liverocks does rock!!!
I only got 30lbs. My luck with ordering stuff online has been hit and miss so I didn't want to chance a bigger order.

I was surprised ... Michael who runs the place called me the day after I placed order. The stuff really does look much better than I was expecting.

Anyway I'll wait till tomorrow incase anything comes out of the ummm rockwork that I don't want in my main tank. I also have to figure out what to do about my MHs while the rock gets acclimated to the lighting.
I’m with you on the Internet thing. I was very hesitant to order anything online. Once I finally placed my order with DHL messed up my tracking number so I was certain that I had been robbed of my money. A couple hours later it showed up!!

Thanks Zack, you are the man!
I added an additional 40 to my 100# in my 90 and I got a spike of .25. It would not go down after a week and two water changes so I took it out. It actually stressed my tank now he's got ICH. I will never added "uncured" rock to my tank again.
yes it was I know that everyone says that it caused only a small ammonia spike, but to me a.25 spike (although small to some) is huge. I took the rock out and now all of my levels are @ 0. I do love the color of's rock. I just hope my Tang makes it trough...
Thanks I really hope so too. I would feel teribble if I killed a fish do to my stupidity.
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