Looking for a Skimmer for AquaOne AR850

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Mar 31, 2008
Auckland, New Zealand
Hi all

I am looking for a skimmer for a AquaOne AR850 tank. The advise I have received localy is that I need to discard the filter tray and then I can fit either a hang-on or a sump based one.

Has anyone found a model which may fit this model tank without removing the filter tray?

Thanks in advance.
Wow, I did a google on that product and found a lot of the sites were not found. The one I did find, with the PDF was very blurry. Is this for FW or SW? Can you contact the manufacturer? I would guess you are looking at SW if you are going the skimmer route (sorry, not and good at FW, brackish or planted). If the SW route, you could go with any skimmer (again, I don't run skimmers on my tanks) but I'm sure the folks that do will be more than happy to assist.
O I almost forgot, Welcome to the site!

Yes it is a SW tank. Problem is that the AR850 has a filter tray on top as well as light fixtures. This does not leave much room for a skimmer.....

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