Looking for someone to watch over my tanks

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Aug 12, 2009
Cincinnati, OH
I'm not sure where this thread belongs, so sorry if I chose the wrong board.

I live in the Cincinnati area, I just moved here, and I don't know anyone locally with any knowledge of how to keep fish yet.

There's an opportunity in my job that I'm considering taking, it's a 6-month assignment in Maryland, and I'll probably only be able to come home a couple of times during that stretch. I have a 150G FOWLR tank and a 20G planted FW tank. I want to see if I can find someone who can stop by my house every day (or maybe every other day) and feed the fish for 6 months, as well as performing tank maintenance -- water changes, giving ferts to my plants, that kind of thing. Also, I'd like it if they knew enough about fish to be able to replace something if it breaks, or to be able to tell if something is wrong with one of my fish and possibly take care of it with my help.

Where would I begin looking for someone like this? I really don't know where to start looking...

If it doesn't seem like my fish (and my house) will be safe, or it costs too much, then I probably won't take the temporary position, but I want to at least know what my options are here. Thanks for your help.
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